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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm [Episode 10: Sannin Showdown] HD

I love this series so far, I just wish there were more DVDs in each set. There is only 3 in this one totaling 12 episodes. But it is definitely the way to buy this series. The other way is buying it in singles and you don't get as much for your money.

On a note about the series, the characters all have there own issues. The hero of this story, if you can call him that, is Naruto a hyperactive ninja who wants to do well but keep getting in his own way. He is flanked by his two fellow genin ninja Sasuke and Sakura. Who are both are really good at what they do but have some social issues they need to work out. Mainly when dealing with Naruto. Sasuke wants to be the best and restore his family honor so he really doesn't pay attention to the other ninjas. Where as Sakura thinks Sasuke is the hotting this ever, and she wants to date him. The problem is he not interested, and what makes it all worst is that Naruto has the hots for Sakura. Their teacher is my personally favorite character Kakashi Hatake. Who attitude for teaching is unusually at best, but seems to work for these kids. These first episodes are the usual set up ones to get you use to all the characters. The real fun stuff starts at the end of these disc. I would personally advice switching back and forth from English to Japanese just cause certain characters sound better in each languages. I like the Japanese Naruto over the American one just cause his voice is a bit grading in the American one. Other than that if you like Japanese amine this is a great series to get in to.